Excerpt from Interview with MARTH Q: How do you define “healing”?

Q: How do you define “healing”?
A: Actually, I may be the person to develop a category of healing in the industry over the years, and I can say there are two types of healing music. One is a type of meditative music to lead a listener to a meditation and an altered state of consciousness, or to alpha wave consciousness.
It is very slow in tempo and repeats a certain phrase over and over again. With its whimsical chords, the music will help you lose a sense of reality. However, my type of music is a little different from such meditative type of music.
Mine is slow in tempo, so it can release alpha waves, but there’s something I treasure more than that. My music is like children’s songs which little children of the world enjoyed from long ago.
I have tried to express peacefulness which we felt in our childhood when we were closer to the unknown of the universe. By expressing it, I tried to remind my listeners of a peacefulness when they were little, pure and innocent, and in the midst of the unknown.
I call this as Healing.”