Testimonial of a health food shop owner

I have heard from one of my customers that he was totally healed by MARTH’s music when he was worn out and he was grateful for us. He said,

I had a very hard time which I thought I could not overcome in my office.
This music was so helpful for me during the time when I totally stuck up and was not able to fall asleep for almost 2 weeks.
I think I could not do without the music during that time. I could spend restful nights with a help of this music. “This customer bought “HAU`OLI Joy of Life”. It seems MARTH’s music is giving a mental support to our customers in various scenes.
Also, during the time when I was playing the CDs from other artists in my shop, I was told by my customers to play the MARTH CDs again. They wanted only MARTH to be played as they felt most comfortable with it.
I myself feel that the music sounds so natural that we can continue playing them without getting bored. It is a kind of music to help our customers relaxed in the soothing atmosphere of our shop.