• Sound of Ocean Wave

    Good as background music at a relaxation room of a city office or for a clinic’s waiting room or treatment room music
  • Sleep & Deep Relaxation

    Music for the people who need good sleep, or for those who wish for better and refreshing sleep for the next day.
  • Therapeutic Music

    Good as therapeutic music for any kind of modality, Good for guiding music for hypnotherapy.

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This is our original healing music, created by MARTH sent from Hawaii, which evokes the beautiful nature; the sky and the oceans, green mountains, birds, flowers... Hawaii is a symbol of the people or of the civilizations which revere the nature. Peaceful hearts which we find in those modest people let us have a beautiful vision of the future communities on our planet. We have a feeling that the beautiful world in tune with the nature may be coming soon. We are pleased to present you such beautiful and heartfelt messages through music and art entitled "Hawaii Healing".


Testimonials Doctors Vol.4

We manage a clinic and treat to heal a lot of patients on the
So, it is so soothing for me to go to receive treatment at my
favorite spa, Lomi Lomi Hana Lima on my holidays.
I felt so relaxed to hear Hawaii Healing music there. That’ s
why I decided to buy their CDs for our clinic. I hope our
patients will like the music, too!

Steelsmith Natural Health Center
Honolulu, HI USA

Tastimonials Doctors Vol.3

Music comes from ears but my entire body is listening to it. I feel as everything in my mind is
blocked and silence comes in, like entire cells become energized. I play the music every day.
Tension melts without knowing, and the body loosens. It is said that sickness and health start
from the mind. I recommend this music to my customers, so that they can overcome any
possible stress.

Pharmacy Proprietor

Tastimonials Doctors Vol.2

We strive to provide our clients with a best possible healing environment, where, 
I believe, music takes an important role.
I bought 18 CD collections recently. 
Every piece is beautiful and satisfying. I am healed by the beauty of the music and impressed by the quality of its performances. Being soothed by the music, I feel I can treat my patients with peaceful mind and my clients seem to be relaxed as well.

Holistic Dentist

Tastimonials Doctors

I have been a healer and radio broadcaster for over 37 years. 
In all those years I have received many music healing tapes and cd’s. 
None of them have had the healing properties as good as Hawaii Healing Mauloa. 
As a healer and musician I use these cd’s regularly in my practice and for
myself when I want to relax. Derek Nakamoto is an excellent arranger and musician. 
I recommend Hawaii Healing cd’s to anyone who subscribes to music for therapy and/or relaxation.

Dr. Marv Cutler, Ph.D
Tantalk radio network




Good for relaxation, for centered yoga, maternity yoga, and for yoga for seniors. Good for cool-down sessions. The word, “Yoga” means “to connect, to unite, a connection, a unity” in Sanskrit. That is exactly the same as the philosophy of our Hawaii Healing Music. Leave yourself to a flow of the revolution of the universe.(…)



Meditate, Be Connected to the Source, Come back refreshed. Good for stress management, and meditations, especially for guided meditations. Leave yourself to the music. Be aware of your breath and tune your spirit to the universe. It will be a journey to your inner source. The sounds of birds and waves in harmony with the(…)

Yoga & Sava assana

Yoga & Sava assana

Good for relaxation, centered yoga, maternity yoga, and for yoga for seniors. Good for cool down sessions. The word, “Yoga” means “to connect, to unite or a connection, a unity” in Sanskrit. That is exactly the same as the philosophy of our HAWAII HEALING MUSIC. Leave yourself to a flow of the revolution of the(…)



Recommended for your friends live abroad and for sending a heartfelt feeling to your beloved. Everything in the universe is made of a vibration… Vibration of one thing will travel to another and vibrate together and eventually vibrate in the same rhythm. Good vibrations will bring about another good vibration and they can be harmonizing.(…)


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