Synthetic Harp

The Musical Instruments for MARTH Music – the Synthesizer
“HIE HIE & HAU`OLI” is an album performed by the synthesizer, which has a beautiful sound of the harp. “HIE HIE” means “beautiful” or “elegant”, and “HAU`OLI” means “Congratulations!” in Hawaiian language. At Yoga classes, at spa and salons, these albums are appreciated with such words as “I have never heard such heartfelt music before.”The music is so comforting!”The music will invite you deep into a meditative and romantic world.
This is suitable for a spa and bath time as the sound of the synthetic
harp has a certain sense of echoes or extension.
Calm sound of the waves seems to wash away your daily fatigue and refresh yourself.
The ultimate sound gift of “Essence of Beauty” will bring you an elegant relaxation moment to refresh your mind and to recharge your body.