Spirit of Hawaii

Hawaiians inherited from their ancestors, the divine is
everywhere, and everything is the divine. Kino Lau which translates
literally as “many bodies,” is a concept “to see that every plant and
animal is an embodiment of a god. So are clouds, rain, and the movement of lava, the currents of ocean and air.”

MARTH music sent from Hawaii embraces this concept of “kino lau” as we
give a title “Kino Lau” to one of his albums.
The people have had a feeling of awe and respect to the natural
embodied in a god, and they expressed their love to the nature as songs,
dance and other forms of art. This island which the people of all the
world love and gather is filled with the beautiful nature, warm hearts
expressed in a word “OHANA” in Hawaiian language and the healing
energies. With brightness, joy, compassion, love, warmth and comfort
which thousands of people from over the world feel in this homelike
island, we will send the music by MARTH, wrapped up with the beautiful
natural sounds of the ocean waves and bird songs.