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  • Testimonial of a  health food shop owner

    Testimonial of a health food shop owner

    I have heard from one of my customers that he was totally healed by MARTH’s music when he was worn out and he was grateful for us. He said, I had a very hard time which I thought I could not overcome in my office. This music was so helpful for me during the time(…)

  • Synthesizer
  • Synthetic Harp

    Synthetic Harp

    The Musical Instruments for MARTH Music – the Synthesizer “HIE HIE & HAU`OLI” is an album performed by the synthesizer, which has a beautiful sound of the harp. “HIE HIE” means “beautiful” or “elegant”, and “HAU`OLI” means “Congratulations!” in Hawaiian language. At Yoga classes, at spa and salons, these albums are appreciated with such words(…)